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Collaboration between the Pathology and Oncology services at the Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital and Dublin City University looks at potential prognostic biomarkers in eye cancer. The pathology and ocular oncology units at Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital are also working closely with the National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology NICBI on a Research Foundation supported research programme in identifying specific proteins in patients with
eye melanoma that help to predict the spread of cancer outside the eye, with the aim of improving long term patient survival.

Continuing developments in this important area of research are extremely impactful – influencing and informing our management and treatment of these conditions.


Uveal Melanoma in Ireland

Caroline Baily, Valerie O’Neill, Mary Dunne, Moya Cunningham, Giuseppe Gullo, Susan Kennedy,Paul M. Walsh, Sandra Deady, Noel Horgan

Proteomic analysis of tumours and vitreous fluid from uveal melanoma

P.Ramasamy (MD Study), Prof C.Murphy, Mr N.Horgan, Dr P.Meleady, M.Clynes

Establishment of a database and tissue microarray bank of 500 archived uveal melanoma tumours

funded by SFI grant to the consortium Molecular Therapeutics for Cancer, in association with Paul Moriarty and Mr Noel Horgan. In collaboration with Professor Clynes’s Research Group (DCU) and with Professor Beatty’s Group (WTI), Mr Moriarty and Mr Horgan are conducting a study of uveal melanoma proteomics funded by the Research Foundation and donation from Professor Beatty.

A collaboration with Dr Brian Hennessey, RCSI on molecular sequencing of head and neck tumours

funded by SFI grant to the consortium Molecular Therapeutics for Cancer.

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