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Why donate to the Research Foundation?

Research has changed our world. It improves healthcare systems, treatments and outcomes. Research has enabled us to eradicate diseases and change lives. Medical Research is the search for understanding. Understanding leads to solutions. Solutions lead to cures.

Your donation can help us continue to have an impact – now, and for future generations.  Our promise is to make sure your gift is used as it is intended – to be part of the search.

Here are some of the ways your donation can help:


Research studies supported by the Foundation are diverse, relevant and translational. Donate to, or sponsor a research study and be part of the journey to we hope leads to cure.

Patient Care:

Retinitis Pigmentosa patients are diagnosed and monitored in the Research Foundation. We charge no fee to patients for their attendance and testing. Your donation can assist us in continuing to care for these patients.


We want to continue providing the best service we can to patients, and play an integral part in diagnosing and monitoring eye disease so patients can receive the treatment and care they need. Your donation can help us purchase new equipment so we can continue our work.


The Research Foundation needs to grow! Donate to our development fund and help us develop our facility to build a world class Patient Research Centre here in Ireland.

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