Governance Structure

The Research Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors. It is the duty of the Directors to help achieve the Research Foundation’s charitable objectives and to safeguard and promote its values. The Directors meet on a quarterly basis. The Directors are accountable to the Members of the Research Foundation who meet once a year at the Annual General Meeting.

Board of Directors

Mr Edward Loane (Chairman)

      • Mr. Jeremy O’Connor
      • Mr. Mark Cahill
      • Professor Conor Murphy
      • Ms. Emma Duignan
      • Ms. Rizwana Khan
      • Mr. Mark Rafferty
      • Ms. Diana Malata



    Medical Director

            • Mr. Paul Kenna

    Members of the Research Foundation

            • Mr William Power
            • Mr Louis Collum
            • Dr Jim Ruane
            • Mr David Charles

    Research Staff

        • Hillary Dempsey Chief Electrodiagnostic Technician
        • Dr. Niamh Wynne BSc, Bch, BaO, MRCSI (Ophth), Msc (Distinct), FEBO, Clinical Research Fellow
        • Karen Collins Senior Electrodiagnostc Technician / Clinical Trials Co-ordinator
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