Category: Annual Grant Scheme

‘Targeting ocular inflammation in dry eye disease with novel microRNA-based therapeutics’ Dr. Emily Greenan

Dry eye disease (DED) is the most common patient presentation that ophthalmologists encounter, affecting 5-30% of the population aged 50 and over worldwide – this is more than that of Type II Diabetes, cancer, and heart-related problems. In its mildest form, DED can cause discomfort, irritation and vision distortion. In its severest form it can … Continued

‘Genotype-Phenotype correations of patients with ABCA4 mutations seen at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital’, Dr. Niamh Wynne

There are an estimated 5000 patients in Ireland suffering from an inherited retinal disease (IRD). The goal of our collaborative study ‘Target 5000’,  through genetic diagnosis, to better enable these 5000 individuals to obtain a clearer understanding of their condition and improved access to potentially life changing therapies. There are up to 800 people living … Continued

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