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13th Annual Eithne Walls Research Meeting 2022 Thursday 16th June, 2pm to 4.30pm We  welcome our colleagues onsite at the Education and Conference Centre in the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital for our 2022 meeting. We will publish to programme in the week of the 6th June, at which stage registration will open. We … Continued

Spotlight on Research – Dry Eye Disease and Micro RNA

We are delighted to share this insight into the research being carried out by Dr. Emily Greenan, supported by the Research Foundation. We believe research is the key to creating real change and improvements in peoples lives – by understanding the cause, we can prevent and ultimately cure. Dr. Greenan researches Dry Eye Disease which … Continued

Genetics Research

Genetics is the study of genes and heredity. As our understanding of genetics and hereditary conditions develops, the potential for preventative treatments is exponentially expanded and catapults us to a new level of perception on how and why conditions are passed on through families. The Research Foundation has a long standing interest in inherited retinal … Continued

Retinal Disease

The Retina is the thin layer of cells lining the back of the eye. These cells are light sensitive, sensing light as it hits the eye. The retina sends signals via the optic nerve to the brain, resulting in visual images. There are multiple conditions of the retina is consequently, research is accordingly diverse. The … Continued

Oncology / Pathology

Collaboration between the Pathology and Oncology services at the Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital and Dublin City University looks at potential prognostic biomarkers in eye cancer. The pathology and ocular oncology units at Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital are also working closely with the National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology NICBI on a Research … Continued

Ocular Immunology, Inflammation & Corneal Research

The cornea is the clear window at the front of the eye. It forms a protective layer and has an important function in focusing vision and allowing light enter the eye. Ocular Immunology is the study of how the eyes immunity processes and mechanisms contribute to disease and how they can be manipulated to prevent … Continued

Peer reviewed publications

Amin M, Ali R, Kennedy S, Timon C. Ear Nose Throat J (2012) Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor of the nose and paranasal sinuses masquerading as a malignancy, 91 (5): E1-3 Browne B.C, Eustace A.J, Kennedy S, O’Brien N.A, Pedersen K, McDermott M.S.J. Larkin A.S.M, Ballott J, Mahgoub T, Sclafani F, Madden S, Kennedy J, Duffy M.J, … Continued


Chan T, De Chaumont C, Jefferies C.J, Ni Gabhann J, Murphy C.C (2012) Investigating the impact of HSK on TLR and IFN signaling in peripheral blood mononuclear cells, RAMI Winter Meeting 2012. Chan T, De Chaumont C, Jefferies C.J, Ni Gabhann J, Murphy C.C (2012) Investigating the impact of HSK on TLR and IFN signaling … Continued

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