Prizes and Medals

Eithne Walls Medal

  • 2021 Dr. Emily Greenan Optimising the method for isolating ocular surface microRNA using impression cytology
  • 2020 Dr. Reinold Goetz ‘It’s a hard NOX life: unravelling the role of NOX4 in fibrosis in glaucoma’
  • 2019 Dr. Alan Hopkins, ‘Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA) in Human Subjects Displays Circadian Variation’
  • 2018 Dr. Eoin Silke ‘Role of caspase inhibition in a model of dry age-related macular degeneration’
  • 2017 Dr. Sinead Connolly ‘microRNA Nanomedicines in Sjogren’s Syndrome Dry Eye Disease’
  • 2016Dr Ghaleb El-Farouki ‘Neutralising Interleukin-18 binding protein (IL18-BP) in a model of neo-vascular AMD
  • 2015 Dr Maedbh Rhatigan ‘Negative Regulators of Inflammation and Age Related Macular Degeneration in an Irish Population’
  • 2014 Dr Micheal O’Rourke ‘Non-Infectious Anterior Uveitis Cohort’
  • 2013 Dr David Shahnazaryan ‘Role of ICPO viral protein in HSK’
  • 2012 Dr Farahida Ibrahim ‘Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Using Manual and Automated 3 Step Grading of Fundus Photographs with Supplementary OCT in an OPDR Setting’
  • 2011 Dr Mei Chuen Tay Winner ‘Audit of Uveal Melanoma in Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital’
  • 2010 Dr Sorcha Ni Dhubhghaill Winner ‘The effects of acute cigarette smoke exposure on retinal pigment epithelial cells (ARPE-19)’

Research Foundation Clinical Prize

  • 2021 Alison Greene Methylation regulates Lysyl oxidase like 1 (LOXL1) expression in Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma’
  • 2020 Dr. Justin Hintz ‘Correlating Radiological And Histological Staging Of Advanced Laryngeal Cancer’
  • 2019 Dr. Bobby Tang, ‘Global ophthalmology: a novel approach to an old problem’
  • 2018 Dr. Aoife Lavelle, ‘Quantifying the effect of flow rates on lignocaine disposition in a simulated adult airway using the Aerogen® Solo™ vibrating mesh nebulizer with the Optiflow™ system’
  • 2017 Dr. Ghaleb El-Farouki, ‘Aqueous humor cytokine levels in patients with neo-vascular AMD over initial treatment course and in controls’
  • 2016 Dr Sinéad Connolly, ‘Developing nanoparticle-based microRNA therapeutics in Sjogren’s Syndrome’
  • 2015 Dr Micheal O’Rourke, ‘Dendritic cells in non-infectious anterior uveitis’
  • 2014 Dr Max Treacy ‘Visual Acuity Charts’
  • 2013 Dr Jeyanthi Kulasegarah ‘Prevalence of human papillomavirus in multiple synchronous or metachronous primary squamous cell carcinomas of the upper aerodigestive tract’
  • 2012 Dr Sorcha Ni Dhubhghaill ‘Genetic & Demographic Risk Factor Profile in the Irish AMD Population’

Aongus Curren Medal – ENT

  • 2021 Tamer El Natout ‘What is the most common foreign body in the Ear?’
  • 2020 Dr. Justin Hintz ‘Correlating Radiological And Histological Staging Of Advanced Laryngeal Cancer’
  • 2019 Dr. Laura Loughlin, ‘Patterns of Recurrence and Surveillance Requirements for Human Papilloma Virus Positive Oropharyngeal
    Squamous Cell Carcinoma’
  • 2018 Dr. Jaime P Doody ‘The Design, Manufacture and Testing of a Composite Polysialic Acid Mimetic Peptide Loaded Collagen Nerve Graft for Use in Peripheral Nerve Repair’
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